happy late birthday to me!

Today I went over to my parents to celebrate my 30th bday. They got me a flan cake with fruits. It was quite yummy. Well my feelings on turning 30 was mixed. With all the events that unfolded this year, the economy dropping like crazy, all I really wish for is the health of my dad, and family members.

I got all teary eyed when my dad said “Happy Birthday’. I thought to myself, how many more “happy birthdays can he tell me?” 2? 3? hopefully 10? The days go by, but we all think it limitless. Come to think of it, in my entire lifetime, I’m hoping and wishing that I get at least 35 “happy birthdays” out of my father. The more the merrier, but for now I’ll be really happy with that number.


Here’s a pic taken of my dad taken with my new spiffy camera. And of him sitting in his favorite TV watching chair.

For fathers day, my mom suggested the entire family go to Mile Square park for a picnic/potluck. Which was a fantastic idea. I haven’t been to an official family gathering in ages! You see, my dad is relative anti social. He doesn’t quite like doing things, so the fact that the family is getting together I think is pretty darn neat. I’ll be sure to bring my trusty camera.

Chrissie yesterday made me my favorite Enchilada meal with Sara Lee Poundcake! (by request). I grew up with Sara Lee Poundcake as birthday cake because that’s all we could afford. We put candles on top and there it was. My favorite part was taking a spoon (or my thumb) and scrapping the bottom of the pan. That was the best part! For nostalgic purposes, I wanted that poundcake. It was as tasty as I remembered!


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