Short guys always get picked last!

Welp, the little stork has delivered a healthy baby boy. He’s 40.7 oz, black, and quite handsome. He’s quite zippy too. The fastest camera (as of date) at 10fps.
A fancy blue dot Canon MKIII camera magically appeared. How convenient that it has arrived riiight before my birthday! As you can see in the pic, the last guy (named Shorty) sadly is quite unloved these days.

Short Guys always get chosen Last

I may have to ship him over to an orphanage. Hopefully, someone will love him. He’s quite clean, tidy, and well behaved. If anyone wishes to adopt him, let me know. I’ll sign the adoption papers and send him off his merry way. My first impressions of the new MKIII, is it’s ‘slightly’ lighter. The menu takes some getting used to, and I have yet to pour through all of the options. I have a feeling it will take me a few months of shooting before I truly get used to it. I think, I’ll name him “Speedy”


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