I’ve started the process of selling some of my equipment to fund/finance some new gear.
On the chopping block is a BG-E2 Grip for my backup body the 30D. I used to shoot the 5D/30D combo, but have finally decided to use the 1DMKII professionally, instead of regulating it to a ‘recreational’ camera. I hated the interface in the field and since the 5D and 30D work together naturally, I was pretty resistant to use the MKII until a few months ago. Now the 30D has been kicked to the curb and regulated down to ‘backup’ status. Since its job is to technically sit there and collect dust, there really is no need to have a fancy grip. On that note, decided to put up my wide angles on the chopping block as well. The 10-22 wide angle (loved the lens, but only the 30D is capable of actually using it. As a matter of fact, heck I’m gonna get rid of my 1DMKII as well, to make room for one of these puppies, the 1D MKIII. Been wanting one since they first came out, but couldn’t quite justify the 4 thousand plus dollars it costs. The bloody battery for it alone costs like 119 bucks! But If I sell the lens + the old camera, woo that’s a little more than half right there!
Still mulling over it. I really could use the clean ISO 1600, and fairly usable IS0 3200. Right now I only trust my 5D to be pushed that high, and even then it’s done with reservation. This may eliminate my need for flash all together. (which i despise)


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