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Recently found out my father has Colon Cancer. When the Dr operated however, they discovered that it was malignant, and had already metastasized to the liver, stomach and lower lung. Prospects do not look good, and I’m very sad and frightened.
Binh Le is, and forever will be my hero. He is a very smart man that is 75years of age, and he loves to tinker. My parents came back from a trip to Vietnam and he was having stomach problems. They first blamed the food, however after 3 weeks and no improvement, they decided to get a thorough test. That was when a colonoscopy detected a large 6 centimeter lump in his colon, which essentially caused blockage as it was so swollen. on Wed the 7th, 2008 they admitted him to the emergency room because he was unable to eat and there was blockage in his system. Nothing came in and nothing came out. In order to be fit for surgery he needed to be healthy so the ER helped alleviate his pain. Though I was in the room when they put the tube down his nose to pump things out, and let me tell you. It hurt looked like it hurt a lot. And I almost felt his pain. Now I know how a parent feels when their child is hurt or falls. Only this time it is in reverse. Surgery was that Sunday, and it took 3 hrs. Something wasn’t right. I had to drive home to take care of some work, and then my mother called. Her voice was shaken, so I knew something wasn’t right, and she told me to come in because she wasn’t going to tell me the news when I was going to be driving. So I rushed to the Fountain Valley Hospital, and when I got there. That was when my world turned upside down. (Here I go being selfish). My father’s world was turned upside down and inside out. My world, just was hit with the shock that the dr’s alleged he would only have 6 months to a year left. I’m still in denial and anger and grief stage. And I think this journal entry written on May18th, escalated it to guilt. However, I personally think I’m still in back in denial.


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