May 18, 2008

So I just woke up, went upstairs to grab a snack. Then realized wow I take these things for granted. Walking…eating…just normal standard day to day functions. Yesterday my Mom called to tell me that Dad was doing much better. He was able to walk around (with the help of a walker) and talk, and was pretty cheerful. I had mixed feelings about the news. Part of me was really happy he’s starting to rebuild. But the other part is telling me this is very short-lived. He has another surgery to go, and in addition, he hasn’t even undergone chemo yet. That will pretty much crush him. My mom told me that both she and dad discussed that they want to do light doses of chemo. At his age, they don’t want the chemo killing him before the cancer does. Since there’s only a 10% chance of it containing the disease anyways, they both agreed that it will not be worth it to suffer during the twilight stages. As for me?
I’m still in denial. He’s my dad. The guy that used to ride motorcycles. The man that always had an answer for anything and everything…why doesn’t he have an answer for this…


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